Clarify vision and direction improving communication

Clarify vision and direction improving communication

Clarify vision and direction improving communication
Paper Manufacturer, Barcelona, España
Miriam Subirana

The company has different challenges due to the expansion and merging of different industries of the same sector. We could find some of these challenges:
• Interculturality
• Different Leadership styles.
• Diversity
• Need of the workers to understand what is going on
• International market fluctuation
• Middle East Crisis

We had an Appreciative Inquiry Summit with the aim of:
• Create an unified vision of the Human Resources Department
• Create a sense and meaning of department and of belonging.
• Clarify the direction in which the Department wants to move forward to unify efforts in the same direction and obtain better results.
• Strengthen the sense of responsibility and the awareness of the contribution of each one to the department.
• Have individual and collective awareness of the impact the Department has in the Company.

The Summit consisted on a SOAR. We discovered the strengths that sustain people, teams and the Company. We applied the strengths and saw how they are projected into the whole of the organization and in the society in which it lives. We saw the opportunities at a personal, relational, team level with the organization, with the stakeholders and with the community. Aspirations were expressed, the desires of each one to improve the personal, team and company vitality. A common vision was created about towards where they want to move and how they want to go there. The available resources were addressed and shared the results they wanted to achieve.

As a result of this Summit, the team achieved a better cohesion and flow of communication, which continue even after a year. Many expressed that all though they had been working in the company more than 20 years, they had never shared at the level they did during the Summit. They had known aspects of their colleagues that were touching and creating empathy. As a result motivation, engagement and bond among them increased.