Program In-Company

Appreciative Inquiry as an in-company program

When a group of workers in the same organization complete the training of Practitioner in Inquiry and Appreciative Dialogues, the result is not only effective and efficient for their learning but also multiplies the impact of group members on organizational change and development.

Tailored learning and development
• High impact action learning
• For a minimum group of twelve participants from the same organization
• Includes support in internal information and recruitment activities
• Participants work on their specific cases and contribute to organizational issues
• Tailor-made program based on IDEIA training modules
• Optional possibility to co-create an IDA magazine to communicate the perspectives and interventions made by the participants

• Participants empower and complement each other by becoming a force for positive change
• The participants realize the contexts of each one in the organization
• The learning program focuses on the strategic ambitions of the organization

• Learning occurs in the premises of the organization in time spaces that they choose
• Cost per participant less than following the open courses
• Possibility for non-participants of the organization to attend specific modules