Appreciative Team building

Appreciative Team Building

Duration 24 hours
Appreciative team building is a process of change that awakens the team’s positive potential to achieve their dreams, goals and highest aspirations.
In the field of team development, we have begun to establish the foundations of learning dynamics driven by the elevation of strengths and positivity. Appreciative team building emerges as a new approach to the development of groups, whose theoretical foundation is found in positive psychology and positive organizational behavior, and its practical bases in Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

• Know the basics of the positive organizational approach.
• Differentiate appreciative (or strength-based) group development from traditional group development.
• Integrate the principles and practices of AI into the group development process.
• Learn the appreciative team building methodology and the positive development dynamics, according to the P-ICIL model of appreciative team building: (P) Positivity, (I) Illumination, (C) Connection, (I) Inspiration and (L) Achievement .
• Design work practices that facilitate the development of teams based on the P-ICIL model and enhance the three key elements of a positive transformation process: positive thinking, emotions and meaning.
• Understand the key elements of a successful change or development process.
• Learn to lead, direct and motivate using the catalyst power of positivity.