Appreciative Coaching Specialisatie Programma

Appreciative Coaching Specialisation Program

Appreciative Coaching is a process of accompaniment based on the framework of Appreciative Inquiry. In this program, participants study and gain practical experience of the different aspects and tools used in Appreciative Coaching. Appreciative Coaching is based on the 10 principles of Appreciative Inquiry.In this training course, participants will:
• learn to adopt an “appreciative eye”.
• learn the importance of experiencing and applying the 10 AI principles when accompanying people.
• try to develop positive thinking and positive emotions.
• try to focus on what we love most, and not on what we do not love.
• develop the ability to envision the best of what is, and the best of what we want.
• discover tools to encourage positive inner dialogue that can increase mental capacity and positive emotionality, as well as encouraging better leadership and teamwork.
• learn to achieve proficiency in the type of conversation and relations that Appreciative Coaching represents.

The training course presents a broad view of the core principles, techniques and methodology of Appreciative Coaching, and is oriented towards the complete integration of theory and practice.In the program, participants will learn to lead Appreciative Coaching processes with the aim of helping others (individual persons and teams) to achieve their goals, using an “appreciative eye”.

Who is the course aimed at?
Coaches, psychologists and therapists who want to incorporate the “appreciative eye” into their professional practice. People who work and have experience in the development of individuals, professionals from the educational field (teachers, educators, tutors) and professionals from the field of Human Resources. People working in the field of management of people and teams (managers, heads of department, middle management).

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