Welcome to IDeIA

Welcome to IDEIA

A network of people with a vocation and an approach to work that is based on the passion to build thoughtful and heartfelt relations by means of dialogue, peace, sustainability and cooperation.Professionals who create dialogue networks that enable people to share by building and build by sharing, using our strengths to progress towards realities that are more beneficial and harmonious for everyone.

IDEIA offers and promotes:
• Spaces where people can dialogue about the questions that matter. What questions should we ask ourselves? Questions that can help foster development, both personal and organisational in a respectful, inclusive manner.
• Meetings in which we move from dialogue to design and the social construction of new realities, by generating innovative ideas and proposals.
• Consultancy, coaching and training in methodologies that foster change, based on strengths and dialogues. Appreciative Inquiry is one of the approaches we use.
• Dialogue and mediation to resolve conflicts using an appreciative approach.

People possess wisdom and they can learn the abilities they need for the processes that affect their lives and their organisations. These abilities can be better developed in learning spaces based on respect. In IDEIA we create these spaces with people instead of for them, by creating relationships based on trust, respect and mutual support.Come and enjoy our dialogues and generative conversations. Come and take part in a network of people who generate positivity by connecting with the positive core of people, organisations and systems.

Miriam Subirana
Director of IDEIA