Esther Trujillo

Esther Trujillo

Esther believes that her true vocation is relational change: analyzing the way persons and organizations manage relations, facilitating territories in which they can find common interests and, in doing so, promoting more responsible behaviors at both individual and collective level.

“I like to summarize what I do as ” trying to improve the world through relations with persons that (though they might not be aware of it …) also want to improve the world “. Afterwards there are projects, processes, systems…I believe that there is a strong need for a cultural change in all kind of organizations, towards a more ethical model. What I really like in my professional life is that I have the possibility to make a positive contribution to people and society. I like defining my work as “social change and cultural transformation agent”.

Esther has worked in big listed companies, which has enabled her to develop a global vision and get acquainted with the impact that multinationals have in people, society and environment. Her main concern and personal vision is making this impact as positive as possible. She led Melia’s public positioning and social profile strategy for four years. This included managing sustainability, corporate social responsibility and stakeholder management. Previously, she was 12 years at Telefonica Group, the last 7 at the area of Corporate Responsibility.

“I felt that I needed a change; I took with myself all the good experiences, very much learning, and most especially a handful of friends that will always accompany me.” In 2012 I started PlanBET Strategies, focused on consultancy and training in responsibility, relation management and dialogue strategies.

She is a very active person in different public and private initiatives, and in some NGOs, she is a Volunteer Manager in UNICEF Spain. Teacher at Deusto Business School, ESADE, EOI, Bureau Veritas Business School and some other universities. Holds an Associate Degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Completed studies in Translation and Interpretation and postgraduated in Corporate Responsibility both in Harvard Business School and ESADE-Stanford. In May 2012 she is awarded as “Best Social Responsibility Manager”, by Alares Foundation.