What is Appreciative Inquiry for?

What is Appreciative Inquiry for?*

«The most important thing that we do as leaders and consultants is inquiry”, says David Cooperrider. “We read situations; we do organisational analysis and diagnosis. It all starts with inquiry. The key point is that the way we know is fateful. The questions we ask, the things we choose to focus on, and the topics we choose to ask questions about determine what we find. What we find becomes the data and the story out of which we dialogue about and envision the future. And so the seeds of change are implicit in the very first questions we ask. Inquiry is intervention.»

Generally speaking, an intervention using Appreciative Inquiry facilitates the following:

• Achieving changes at the speed of the imagination
When we use AI we create a generative state that encourages us to innovate.
• With AI we bring about a change in the entire system, the revolution of positive change
• Awakening creativity and building bridges
• Creating spaces of possibility
• Sharing, strengthening and applying collective aspirations
• Creating cultures of appreciative learning
• Creating a better future by being generative
• Finding channels for collaboration between public administrations, companies and Third Sector organisations
• Being a “truly” responsible company
By using Appreciative Inquiry we facilitate dialogue between all the stakeholders so that the company can become truly responsible at all levels (social, environmental, cultural, etc.).
• The application of AI brings benefits for leaders, CEOs, coaches, consultants, therapists, teachers, facilitators and individuals

* Copyright Texto from the book Indagación Apreciativa. Un enfoque innovador para la transformación personal y de las organizaciones.
Inspirémonos para diseñar nuestro futuro,
Miriam Subirana y David Cooperrider, ed. Kairós, 2013.