Who is Appreciative Inquiry for?

Who is Appreciative Inquiry for?*

Appreciative Inquiry can be applied at all levels and in all fields and spheres, including the personal, teams, social, political, business, organisational, community, educational, health, religious and cultural. The breadth of possibilities that it offers helps us to discover that we possess a great generative potential to create a better reality for all. See Success Stories, for examples of its application.

Since the mid-1980s, Appreciative Inquiry has been applied in processes of organisational change, alignment of competencies, definition of vision and strategic planning in companies, communities, and organisations in both civil society and the public sphere.

The method can be used for interventions with small groups and with groups of up to thousands of people.

The application of Appreciative Inquiry provides benefits for leaders, CEOs, coaches, consultants, therapists, teachers, facilitators and individuals. Professional people who apply AI in their personal work and with groups increase their ability to determine the strengths of their team and of the coachee, client, patient or student, and it enables them to incorporate a methodological system into their practice that helps them to structure the sessions – both with individuals and with groups.

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Inspirémonos para diseñar nuestro futuro,
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