What is Appreciative Inquiry?

What is Appreciative Inquiry?*

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a process and a methodology that promotes change, increases strengths, and turns them into habits, in addition to promoting growth, hope and motivation.

It is a revolutionary approach to strategic change and sustainable growth in organisations. To be effective, change requires speed, clear implementation and agreement at all levels. AI achieves this by involving all the different groups of stakeholders in the decision-making process, in a collaborative way.

It is a process of Inquiry that challenges the whole system to maximise the positive potential for cultural change, strategic planning, development of leadership, alliances, team-building, community development and comprehensive change of the system.

It is a process of collaborative search that is based on the positive core of an organisation, group or system. Using AI, we study, discover, select and highlight what gives the organisation its vitality, and what is the central pillar of its existence.

AI offers new theoretical and practical rules for change. AI is a methodology for managing change. It can be applied to any process of change in an organisation or model, including strategic planning, (team building), coaching, community building, and even for personal reflexion and development.

AI provides a method of leadership that enables innovation to emerge from the system itself.

* Copyright Text from the book Indagación Apreciativa. Un enfoque innovador para la transformación personal y de las organizaciones.
Inspirémonos para diseñar nuestro futuro,
Miriam Subirana y David Cooperrider, ed. Kairós, 2013.

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