Workshop Appreciative Leadership.

IDEIA Institute, Barcelona, c. Pelai 44, 6º.

10th December 2013. 16h to 20h. by Joep C. de Jong, CEO and Consultant. Member Advisory board IDEIA.

Investment: 95€. Before 4th December, 80 €.

This interactive workshop will be based on the thought that we need to slow down in order to achieve balance. Balance between the world around us and our internal capability to deal with that. In order to achieve that balance – and success – in our organisations we need to have an understanding of the changes in our society and our organisations. Based on the work of the later professor Cornelis (Cornelissen, 1999, De Vertraagde Tijd, Stichting Essence) and the filedwork of Joep C. de Jong in various companies (2000 – 2013)

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