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Anne Radford

Anne Radford is a thinking partner to leaders and organisational consultants helping them find their through an issue and develop a way forward that best suits their skills and the situation.She runs training programmes in different parts of the world on strengths-based approaches to change such as Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and has been delighted to facilitate workshops with Miriam at YesOuiSi and at IDeIA for the people she has brought together from business, management consultancies, and professional practices.

Anne is also owner and editor-in-chief of the quarterly online journal AI Practitioner  that features examples of strength-based change from around the world.Art seems to be a key part of who she is and how she works: grappling with conceptual projects in art classes, regularly going to new exhibitions and enabling people in workshops to express their ideas and ideals with artistic materials. She lives next door to Tate Modern in London and found it inspiring to work in the YesOuiSi art space.

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