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Appreciative Inquiries of the 3.0 kind

IDEIA - Appreciative Inquiries of the 3.0 kind - book cover2

Appreciative Inquiries of the 3.0 Kind (2015)

Appreciative Inquiry addresses a human art, involving conversational craftsmanship. It takes specific, carefully chosen words, questions, gestures and of course deep listening to help conversations being generative, appreciative and empowering. The good news is that the instrument called language is in reach of everybody on our planet. Imagine everyone would encounter his or her fellow citizen ‘the AI way’… together building the sharing Society 3.0.

“Appreciative Inquiries of the 3.0 kind is a courageous step in what I believe to be the “new frontiers” of Appreciative Inquiry, simply known to us in the community as AI. I say this because as the ideas of AI begin to spread, and as practitioners and academics weave these ideas into their daily lives, we are seeing the challenge to take this life-giving approach into the very heart of ordinary life. It is therefore with pleasure that we receive this edition as a special gift to our 2015 global gathering in South Africa, a place where AI resonates deeply with our history and can continue to give life to our future. This book is for anyone who desires to create a life worthy of our highest aspirations as a species, now, today and every day. Enjoy the read, it will change your life if you try this at home!”

~ Revd. Dr. Anastasia M Bukashe, Conference Chairwoman

2015 World AI Conference South Africa