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Dutch Vaccination Summit: from Action Plan to Vaccion Plan.

On behalf of the City Council of The Hague (Netherlands), I felt honoured
to design and facilitate a very special and most important Appreciative
Inquiry summit. The aspiration was to increase the percentage of children
being vaccinated for general diseases sustainably above the level of 95%.
(For various reasons parents have doubts or decide not to vaccinate, but a
general level below 95% includes risks for the bigger community not only
your own child.)

The Appreciative Inquiry summit welcomed civil servants, community workers.
medical specialists and even active parents to join a two day event along
the phases Discovery (what was succesful to reach the present level?),
Dream (how does it look like when vaccination is no issue – or even not
necessary – anymore?), Design (what are the best opportunities for
constructive action?) and Deliver (what will be realized by the end of the
year and who commits to that task?).

According to senior city leaders and responsable politicians, the outcomes
of the «Vacci-summit» were fruitful, and they decided to include them in
their short term plans. All participants agreed that focusing on the
deficits doesn’t help further; the strength based Appreciative Inquiry
approach turned Action plans into «Vaccion» plans!

Click this link to watch a brief video impression, published by The Hague City Council.

P.S.: Since 2011, Cees Hoogendijk, cocreador of Instituto IDeIA,
facilitates in-company Appreciative Inquiry training within the
organization of The Hague City Council (9000 employees). As part of this
training – also covering the principles, the art of generative
conversation, and ‘being appreciative’ – the students find an opportunity
to experience a real life summit. This Vacci-summit has been an
extraordinary learning experience for them.

P.P.S.: If you – both as an employee, or as training or HR manager – are
interested in the valuable contribution of an in-company AI program in your
organization, please contact (for English) or