Cees Jasper Hoogendijk

Cees Hoogendijk

Social entrepreneur, social innovator, co-creator of sustainable learning and emerging organizations, citizen of Society 3.0, CFO (chief facilitating officer) of various Appreciative Inquiry initiatives.
Cees Hoogendijk (1959) graduated in mathematics & physics and is working on his PhD with the University of Humanistics. He fulfilled senior positions in HR Management, Learning Architecture, and Organizational Change & Development. Amongst other positions, Cees advised on the merger (late nineties) between Dutch Post and TNT Express, and was Director Organization Transition Support at the integrating ‘new DHL Benelux’.
As of 2005, Cees is independent professional and (co-)founder of several social enterprises that support his mission: Humanization of Organization. Main projects involve dialogical development of strategic (OD) plans, co-creating advanced learning environments by enhancing the role of in-corporate academies, large scale management development, enabling senior managers to view their organization as emerging wholeness of people relations, and act accordingly as connectors.
Embedding Appreciative Inquiry in his activities, Cees facilitated ten’s of AI-summits, varying from 50 to 250 participants, in higher education, regional police, hospitals, national safety, local community work and (social) innovation. Cees is AI-related guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University and Business School Netherlands. Cees is co-founder and co-editor of the yearly AI-Magazine. As AI have been emerging, he co-founded a new social enterprise: Appreciative Inquiry Academy.
Cees produced numerous articles, lectures, blogs and tweets. Among his publications are the books Kracht zonder Macht (Power without authority – 2008) and Krachtbron van een Lerende Organisatie (The power source of learning organizations – 2010). His latest publication is in English: Appreciative Inquiries of the 3.0 Kind – How do we connect, share and co-create for tomorrow’s human wholeness?
email: cees@institutoideia.es