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Ora Setter

Ora Setter (PhD) – was, until few years ago the CEO and Academic Director of Lahav – the Executive Education Center in Tel Aviv University. She is a lecturer at the Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University, and in other academic institutes in Israel, teaching mainly organizational development and consulting. She is the head of the practicum in the master’s degree in organizational consulting. She is also an Adjunct Professor at MDI, one of the best business schools in India. She serves also as head of Ippa U, the organizational development association internal university. A senior consultant, to many leading companies in Israel, focusing on Organizational Development, Ora’s areas of expertise are change management, power and politics, knowledge management, and building and organizing training programs for organizations.

She is also a well known lecturer and writer., and is serving as a mentor and supervisor to many OD consultants in Israel. Dr. Setter serves as board member of several organizations – both business companies and NGO’s. Dr. Setter is the chairwoman of Psycho-Dharma, a school for implementation of Buddhist psychology, where she teaches courses in Buddhism and management. Her latest field of research and teaching is Spirituality in business and Management. Dr. Setter completed her studies for a Masters Degree in Buddhism and South Asian Studies in Tel Aviv University. Ora is married to Architect Michael Setter, and is a silent partner in many of his projects from the organizational side.

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