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Jakob Norlem

Stud. PhD Tilburg University.
Director Taos Institute Europe (TIE).

TIE is a part of the TAOS INSTITUTE, and a forefront network of postmodern researchers and practitioners around the world, doing groundbreaking work within social constructionist and postmodern practices. and a mas hub of researchers, practitioners and other like minded in Europe, who challenge the known and frozen paradigms of understanding, to build better worlds of tomorrow. practices – of cutting edge significance, within business, cross sector innovation, economics, collaboration across boundaries, politics, therapy, humanization of global cities, communication, design, IT, learning etc. – supporting the processes by which humans generate purpose, meaning and results together.

Our focus is on how social groups and the relational practices within those groups create and sustain beliefs in the real, the rational, and the good.

Jakob has been Senior manager and leadership specialist in Novo Nordisk heading up talent development and leadership training for three years prior to that Jakob has been an external consultant and manager in Ramboll management consulting DK. Jakob has written and edited different books on coaching and professional dialogues.

TIE is a European center of gravity.
TIE work to expand social constructionist dialogues and postmodern.

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