IDeIAs para Educar IDeIAs for Educate IDeIAs voor Educate

Training for educators and leadership teams of educational institutions

Education is in the process of transformation. Putting the person of the boy, girl or young person at the center and their relationships with themselves, with others, with the environment, with nature, with the whole and with the whole, supposes the adoption of strategies and methodologies that are consistent with this aspiration. This is transformative since the center of an educational project is not the content of the disciplines, but the person and their relationship with learning, understood in its broadest sense.


Bring an appreciative look and appreciative intelligence to educational projects aimed at girls, boys and young people.
Promote that people and projects grow from their strengths and from what inspires and gives life.
Help educational teams become vibrant and thriving communities.
3 modules of 15 hours each, if done independently
If all 3 are done, it can be restructured and made more synthetic in a 38-hour training
The investment to train is agreed upon with the participant, whether it is an individual, a school or a team. Write to us at to explore and specify the possibilities.


Module 1: APPRECIATIVE SUPPORT TO CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE. Positive education | The appreciative gaze | Generating questions | appreciative accompaniment | Mindfulness and heartfulness | Co-creating with girls, boys and young people
Module 2: APPRECIATE LEADERSHIP. Appreciative leadership competencies | Accompany people and teams| Innovation from appreciative inquiry | Co-creation of growth strategies.
Module 3: CO-CREATING NEW AND APPRECIATE COMMUNITIES. Target audience: educational teams and leadership of Christian-inspired educational works | Recipients: educational and leadership teams of educational works of any inspiration that aspire to be a community|
New worlds of meaning are possible. We are not possessed or determined by the past. We can abandon or dissolve dysfunctional ways of living, and together create alternatives.